Revocable Living Trust

What Is A Revocable Living Trust and How Can You Benefit?

At The Stutes Law Group, we assist clients with estate planning from our office in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. One of the lesser-known, but most useful, options available to those considering an estate plan is the revocable living trust.

Briefly, this legal document is created by you and allows your assets to be invested and spent, on your behalf, by a designated trustee. In most cases, you are the trustee as well as the creator of the trust. One of the main positives associated with revocable living trusts is the avoidance of probate.

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Why You May Want to Consider a Revocable Living Trust

With this trust, assets are transferred from your name to the trust — even though you maintain control of them. There are quite a few benefits to setting up a revocable living trust:

  • Benefits pass directly to the beneficiaries designated in the trust and avoid the probate process.
  • They are often used for tax planning, and the trust can protect your assets from creditors and “predators”.
  • If you become unable to oversee your own trust, control will pass to someone whom you have designated. This protects your assets from court intervention and allows control to pass directly to your loved ones.

Helping Determine What Works Best For You

If a revocable living trust fits your goals and future plans, then we are ready to help guide you through the process. The trust is also revocable so, if you are unhappy with it for any reason, you have the power to change or completely revoke it.

Before we set up the trust, you will sit down with our lawyer, Ronald Stutes, and he will spend several hours covering the entire process with you, including all aspects of revocable living trusts. Attorney Stutes is a member of The Purposeful Planning Institute, WealthCounsel, and ElderCounsel.

If you decide to proceed with a revocable living trust, we will guide you through the entire process and, through our Three-Step Process, will aid you in keeping your trust updated in accordance with changes in the law and your family situation.

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