Facilitating Your Plans for the Future

Let’s Keep it Simple, Louisiana.

You have spent years building your business or profession. During that time, you have worked hard to provide for your family. No one but you should be able to determine where your assets go or how they are used. The new tax laws which went into place in 2018 may well affect your need for proper estate planning.

Today, more than ever, folks are concerned that they may lose all that they have spent their life to earn and have nothing to pass on to their family if they are forced to enter a nursing home. Careful planning in advance can avoid such an outcome and result in welcome peace of mind.

Louisiana laws regarding estate planning have many concepts unique to Louisiana. Estate plans that are prepared in other states often ignore these concepts. At The Stutes Law Group, we help Louisiana clients make plans for the future that withstand the test of time and the law. From our office in Baton Rouge, our attorney, Ronald Stutes, guides clients through the intricacies of estate planning.

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The Experience to Help You Achieve Your Goals

Our attorney, Ronald Stutes, has been practicing law since 1977 and is a member of The Purposeful Planning Institute, WealthCounsel, and ElderCounsel. He can help you solidify your plans for the future and provide you with the tools and documents you need to ensure their validity.

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